COVID19 Info

We are excited to announce that Maxwell Hill Baptist Church will be opening for our Sunday Morning Worship Service starting this week, May 17th.  While we are overjoyed to be able to come together again as a church family, it is important that we provide a healthy and safe environment.  We have found that there are varying opinions regarding the issue of when and how to reopen the church.  The following guidelines have been developed to help our church and community be comfortable and remain healthy.  Hopefully, the details below will provide answers to any questions that you may have.  However, if you have specific questions that are not addressed below, please feel free to contact Pastor Ken (304) 228-5471 or Pastor Bruce (304) 228-5472.

What will be different? 

  • We will ONLY be having the Morning
  • There will be NO Sunday School or Care Groups
  • The online service will still be available on Facebook at 11:15am
  • We will have two shortened service times to allow for the spacing for social distancing and to sanitize the facilities
  • The 1st service will be at 9:45am and the 2nd service at 11:15am. We ask that you not arrive for the 1st service till after 9:30am.  Families coming to the 2nd service should not arrive until 11:00am.
  • NO childcare will be available
  • As per the state’s guidelines (little kids do not do social distancing well)
  • There are four designated areas in the back for families with young children who need some room to move. We ask that these be occupied by no more than one family at a time
  • We are asking families with last names starting with letters A-J to come to the first service and families with last names starting with K-Z to come to the second service
  • We ask families to arrive and depart through upper church doors. If you need handicap access please use the front side entrance with the ramp.
  • To limit contact surfaces some doors will be propped open and greeters will be present to assist with other doors.
  • The lower level will be closed to reduce exposure and to reduce cleaning areas.
  • We will be seating by families and utilizing every other row to maintain proper social distancing.  Ushers will be present to assist with seating.
  • Common contact areas will be sanitized between services
  • We will not be handing out bulletins
  • Offering plates will not be handed out but posted in the back of the auditorium.  Offering can be made entering or exiting.  Online giving will continue to be available.
  • We ask all to be considerate of others and forego handshakes and hugs at this time.  We want to be safe, be a good testimony and protect one another.
  • Wednesday evening services will continue online at 7:00pm

How to determine if you should attend?

  • Are you feeling 100% well?  If you have had any symptoms of sickness recently, we would ask that you stay home and utilize the livestream option until you are well.
  • Do you have an underlying health condition?  Are you more at risk due to immunity related issues?  This also might be a time when you want to utilize the livestream option until we are more certain about being in proximity of others.
  • The Governor has recommended that those who are over the age of 65 to remain at home.  We don’t want you to feel any pressure to return earlier then you are comfortable but you are welcome whenever you feel ready to return.
  • Based on current government guidelines we recommend facial coverings.  If you would like to wear a mask, you are encouraged to bring your own.  We recognize there are different levels of comfort regarding the issue of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and returning to church.  We urge you to show grace across this spectrum.  If your sensitivities are of such nature that you will be made uncomfortable by those who do not share your sentiments, then please feel free to wait until it is no longer an issue.
  • There will be NO child care. 
  • Children need to remain with their family at all times.
  • If sitting in church is too difficult for your younger children and utilizing the designated areas in the church is not sufficient please feel free to continue to use our livestream option. 
  • As the guidelines change for the state, we will be reestablishing our childcare options but want to start with the safest approach for everyone’s care.
  • As we are all excited to get back together and so thankful for the opportunity to meet again, please remember if you are at risk, or uncomfortable with the thought of gathering together, please stay home.

We will be reevaluating these guidelines weekly.  As the state guidelines change, we will strive to stay current.