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Maxwell Hill Family,
In spite of all the turmoil that the COVID-19 virus brought our way God has proven more than able to provide and sustain the ministry that He has entrusted to us. 
As you would expect our expenses as a church has gone down during this time of limited services. As you may not have expected our income has increased a bit. The financial statements for the months that we have been closed are posted on the bulletin boards here at the church. If you would like a copy you may request it through the office email. As a result the elders are recommending that we give our missionaries a bonus as we are coming to the end of our business calendar. We would like to set aside $10,000.00 to be distributed to the missionaries that we support. The amounts given to each would reflect the portions of our missionary budget that each missionary family now receives and we would take into consideration the needs that each one may be experiencing at the moment.
Pastor Ken

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