Bruce Dick

Published December 14, 2012 by mhbc in

Pastor Bruce came to MHBC to serve as youth pastor in 1995.  Before that he graduated from Appalachian Bible College with his BA in Youth Ministries. Before that his desire and calling to minister to young people came out of a background steeped in camp ministries. He strongly desires to minister to the apathetic churched teen of this day and age because that is the life he was saved from.

Bruce met his wife, Greta, in his last year at Appalachian Bible College and they now have a son, Caleb. Bruce and Greta have been married almost as long as he has been working at MHBC. Greta, who also has a B.A. from Appalachian Bible College (Hers is in Counseling), plays an active role with the young people as well as within the church.

Bruce loves to spend time in the outdoors doing whatever the season calls for. He believes that it is out in nature that we can so clearly see the hand of God as creator of this world we live in. That love culminates in teen activities that range from fishing to skiing to biking to backpacking.

Bruce and Greta believe that building relationships is the key to impacting the lives of teens. Because of this Bruce is often found doing something one-on-one with the teen guys while Greta is heavily involved in the lives of the teenage girls and loves them dearly. While both of them are far away from where they grew up, in Maryland (Bruce) and Indiana (Greta), they have both found God’s place for them here and He has given them contentment, and joy ministering to the teens at MHBC